Sound Effects

Healing With Sound

Everything in the Universe made of matter vibrates.  Every vibration generates a sound known as the resonant frequency of that object.  Though the human ear cannot perceive all of these frequencies they exist nevertheless.

Sound waves are energy traveling at great speed, like light, and penetrate dense matter.  Energy entrains, or synchronizes to the strongest frequency and this is what changes matter.  There are many examples of cymatics, the study of sound wave phenomena and their visual representations in matter.

Dr. Emoto’s work with sound, consciousness and water is one example. Another is the sound of OM and it’s generation of geometric shapes in sand, for example.

Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto

Steven Halpern Great Pyramid OMs Cymatics

Sound healing has been used for centuries in many cultures.  It is now being studied vigorously by scientists and is becoming a broadly applied technique for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

In The Healing Power of Sound, Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D, states “Healing is fundamentally the restoration of harmony from disharmony, which allows us to reconnect with our own life energy or essence.”

How I Express my Unique Sound Signature:

While I use a variety of instruments when I facilitate sound work including crystal bowls, chimes, bells, Tibetan bowls, and tuning forks, my Voice is my primary instrument.

When I sing pure tones, I become the crystal bowl or the tuning fork and the sound waves affect the energy fields creating a more harmonious, resonant field for each person.  The sound waves are energy and since energy entrains (synchronizes) to the strongest frequency, I couple my sound tones with a specific intention to create a vibrational healing effect.  The sound waves create an opportunity for the integration of more beneficial frequencies and wisdom.


The Effects and Benefits of Healing Sound:

During a sound session and a recalibration from disharmony to harmony, clients often release that which does not align with the new frequency resonance.  Many have reported the following:

  • Physical healing and relief from pain
  • Emotional Healing and release
  • Mental clarity and balance
  • Spiritual Awakening, healing, and reconnection


About Lisa: Lisa J. Hall, LCPC offers a unique integration of traditional counseling and coaching methods with intuitive energy healing practices to assist clients in reaching their desired goals.  For over 15 years, Lisa has helped hundreds of clients break free from their blocks and feel the joy and freedom of expressing their Real Self.

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