I offer a unique integration of traditional psychotherapy with intuitive energy healing approaches to assist you in reaching your desired goals.  My distinctive work style has evolved from my curiosity about human nature and a lifetime of self-exploration and personal growth/healing.  This interest and experience combined with an extensive educational background in both traditional psychotherapy and subtle energy healing approaches allows me to effectively facilitate, guide and support you on your life’s journey.

My Philosophy

On the journey of life, I believe every moment is an opportunity to ask,  “What is this experience teaching me?” and “What can I learn about myself?” Since we are evolving throughout our life, there is always more to discover, learn and integrate into our being.

I Believe:

  • Everything has meaning
  • Pain is often the catalyst for change
  • Being fully present in each moment creates more opportunities and fulfillment
  • Self-kindness and love are essential for healing—along with a sense of humor!
  • Acceptance of our light and dark qualities leads to wholeness
  • We can experience freedom when we embrace our Authentic Self

Core emotional/mental patterns develop over the course of our lives to help us cope with and “protect” us from things we perceive as painful or threatening.  As adults we subconsciously operate with many of these core beliefs, not realizing that they often trap us in self-destructive mental chatter and painful interactions.  The truth is we have really just buried our True Nature or Authentic Self under these defenses.  Dismantling and replacing these negative core beliefs/patterns empowers us to respond to our loved ones and circumstances rather than react.  This in turn establishes more congruency between our emotions, thoughts, and actions, and ultimately brings freedom and harmony to daily living.

My Passion

I am deeply passionate about the discovery of the Authentic Self  both for me and for others.  I am always curious about and like to pioneer into the hidden and unknown.  I get truly excited when someone experiences that “ah-ha” moment; when the hidden and unknown are brought into the light and everything becomes crystal clear.  To me this is the Soul Essence breaking through the limitations we have created.  I celebrate a person’s willingness to explore their Real Self and applaud their courage when they deepen into their core allowing their Soul Essence to shine.

Work Experience

I have intuitively followed a career path that utilizes my greatest innate talents and skills. My early life experiences prepared me for the expression of myself later in life as an educator and professional counselor.  Teaching, guiding, and facilitating with passion along with supporting others unconditionally has been an integral part of all my work experiences.

I spent the first part of my career as an educator in the Virginia Beach Public School System.  I was always concerned about my students’ emotional and mental wellbeing and I realized that I wanted to focus my energy on teaching people of all ages to better understand themselves so that they could improve the quality of their lives.

The transition from teacher to counselor came naturally and was supported by my advanced degree in Counseling.  I was able to apply my experience in the school system when I worked for an In-Home Therapy Program in Virginia Beach.  I gained great insights and experience working with at-risk children and families in a very unique setting providing up to 15 hours of services per family a week.  In addition to providing therapy for the children and their families, I coordinated care with other agencies to insure support, stability and growth for them.

The last 20 years in private practice as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Virginia and Maryland have been filled with joy and fulfillment as I have witnessed the growth and healing of hundreds of clients.


Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor:  Maryland
Old Dominion University:  Master of Education in Counseling
Mary Washington College:  Bachelor of Psychology, Teaching Certificate K-4

Holistic Certifications
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
HBLU  (Healing from the Body Level Up)
NLP  (Neuro-linguistic Programming)
Limiting Identities (Enneagram Study)
Massage Therapy 225 (Anatomy/Physiology/Nutrition)
Advanced Bio-Energy
Reiki Master

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